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This page contains Games and Apps that I have programmed with Microsoft Visual C# and XNA Game Studio
First, you have to download this special DirectX files for XNA Games to be able to play any of my games.

For those who couldn't play my games because they get the "send / Don't send" error or the "... ... ... has stopped working" error.
Try to download and install and run this update then restart your computer and try opening the game again.
Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 Service Pack 1

My Released Projects:
Connect4 3D (BETA)

My work-in-progress:
Imagine Cup 2010 Game Design Project
GameHelperEngine (used in our IC2010 Game project)
Checkers 3D (the 3D version of my JAVA University Project)
UDP Chat (a LAN chat through UPD)

Cancelled Projects:
The Resuscitation Game (IC 2009)
Shalalizer Game (An FPS based on a friend)
Analize That ! (A 3D Function Grapher)

Future Plans:
AnimScript (An Animation Scripting Engine)

You can also take a look at my FULL CV :-)

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On 11 March 2008: The release of my first game, "Asteroids" !

On 21 March 2008: The release of "Asteroids v1.1 Update" to fix some bugs.

On 30 May 2008: At last I finished making the second update for my game "Asteroids v1.2" !

On 15 June 2008: Yes, I know I am in the middle of the final exams but I was bored so I decided to let everybody see the C# code of my game :)

On 19 July 2008: I programmed a Connect 4 game (with JAVA) during a Summer Vacation !

On 21 July 2008: While I was enjoying the beach in "Ras El Hekma" I decided to start making the 3D BETA version of Connect4.

On 30 October 2008: At last, Microsoft has released XNA Game Studio 3.0, Hurray!!!

On 19 December 2008: I've been working on a UDP Chat Client for a few weeks, it basically enables computers on the same LAN (Local Area Network) to be able to chat togather using the UDP protocol.

On 14 April 2009: Porting my CSEN401 JAVA Checkers Game Project to C# & XNA.

On 29 July 2009: I started working on a Game Engine to help with variuos things in every game I make, like Input Handling, Screen Managment, 3D Text and Menues.

On 30 December 2009: I just finished my CSEN503 TCP Chat Project Evaluation, take a look at it.

On 11 January 2010: I implemented 3D Stereoscopic viewing and 3D Red-Cyan Anaglyphs on XNA.

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