14 April 2009
Checkers 3D GamePlay
As part of my CSEN401 course, I have to handle a group project, the project should be either a "TetraVex Game" or a "Checkers Game" coded in Java using the Java Swing Library.
So Me and a friend called "Mohammed Nagy" teamed up to make the Checkers Game.
Since Java is very similar to C# in syntax and the XNA Game Studio is much more COOLER than the Java Swing Library, I decided to copy  our Checkers engine that manages the board, tiles, pieces and Game Rules and put it in a new XNA Game Project (after I took permission from Nagy).
Then I drew some models for the Checkers Board and Pieces, then i used my Text3D engine that was part of the unfinished (and Canelled) "Shalalizer Game" and made an Über Cool 3D Menu with it.
I still didn't finish the game, but here is a Teaser ScreenShot for you :P
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