15 June 2008
Asteroids v1.0 Source Code
Yes, I know I am in the middle of the final exams but I was bored so I decided to let everybody see the C# code of my game, if you just want to view the code you can use Notepad to open the ".cs" files but you wont understand anything because the keywords aren't colored, so I recommend that you download and install Visual C# 2005 and XNA Game Studio 2.0 so you can view and edit the code and recompile the game !
Please read the instructions I included in the RAR archive to be able to understand how things are going in this spaghetti of code !
For the JAVA guys, C# is very similar to JAVA the differences almost don't exist relative to beginners, the only noticeable thing is that in C# when you want to import an external class you say "using blablabla" instead of "import blablabla" as in JAVA.
You will need WinRAR in order to extract the files, if you don't have it just Google it and you will get it in minutes.
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