30 May 2008
Asteroids Game v1.2
At last I finished making the second update for my game "Asteroids v1.2" !!
Many friends were bored from the standard yellow bullets, so I added a BOMB POWER-UP, you have a 25% possibility to it get when you  destroy an asteroids.
I also made a Settings screen where you can change the color of the ship, these settings are saved when the game is closed the loaded when you re-open the game.
The boring Intro was shortened and added a Credits screen for details on the tools I used in making the game.
I also made a much cooler Logo for the game, I made it with Microsoft Expression Design.
You don't need to have Asteroids v1.0 to be able to download this version.
Take a look at this ScreenShot !
N.B: My friend Ramy faced some errors with the game and when he right-clicked on the exe then "Run as Administrator" it worked, I also updated the game and made it give more details on Unexpected Errors, if you faced an Unexpected Error just send me a ScreenShot with the details to my hotmail e-mail.
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