21 July 2008
Programming on the Beach
While I was enjoying the beach in "Ras El Hekma" I decided to start making the 3D BETA version of Connect4 (see this image).
I used the same code (only made a few changes to have a correct C# syntax) and divided it into methods to be easier to understand, then I made the models for the chip and the board (the modeling took about 6 hours) then I made them appear in the window and added some cool stuff like the ability to rotate the view camera by Right-Clicking and Dragging and the 3D rotating text that appear when a player wins (I had prepared this 3D text a few days before).
This is still a BETA version so there is no cool menus and customizations like Asteroids v1.2
This game is made with C# and XNA like Asteroids so you will need the "DirectX for XNA Games"
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